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Teaching Philosophy

Jannet Walsh


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Master of Arts in photography - Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.
Graduation Nov. 23, 1994.
My thesis project from Ohio University, a photojournalist's documentation of Native American in Nebraska, 1990-94, was presented to US school children at Department of Defense School AFCENT International School, in the Brunssum, the Netherlands and Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, Germany, 1994-97.

Bachelor of Science - mass communication with advertising emphasis. Minor in marketing and general business. Saint Cloud State University, Saint Cloud, Minn. Graduation Nov. 21, 1986.

Litchfield High School
, Litchfield, Minn. Graduation May 1982.

Teaching Philosophy
In the job of teaching, learning is essential for the subject matter at hand and preparation for life. I want to encourage students to have a curiosity or thirst for knowledge of the arts, foreign languages and diverse cultures. It is essential for a student to explore their campus, local city or region and the world. Technology can both hinder and advance social skills and communication skills, but I would encourage students to embrace the current trends so they might involved in the conversation of humanity.

Communicating now involves more than just basic words, but photos, videos, audio, web blogs and cyber cafés on the Internet. I want my students to have no fear to express their thoughts, ideas and opinions.

My classroom would have direct involvement of the students by encouraging them to learn to receive and give reviews of other student’s work or projects in order to develop communication skills.

Above all, I want to encourage my students to understand basic ethics, such as plagiarism is not tolerated in the classroom or the work setting. Giving credit to your sources and honesty is imperative and compulsory. Removing layers of prejudges of race, religion and ethnic groups will foster respect of students from different backgrounds. The classroom is just a springboard in the world. I want all the students I encounter to at least achieve or exceed their goals in order to contribute to society to their full potential.

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