Sunday, March 22, 2009

Advice for young journalists - video by Jackie Hai

By Jannet Walsh

I was recently interviewed by Jackie Hai, a senior at UMass Amherst, while we were both in St. Petersburg, Florida at the Poynter Institute. It's a place where journalists gather from around the world to learn the newest methods of reporting and the changing world of journalism. Watch the videos and learn!

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Congreso De Alabanza, Sanacion y vida

IMG_0153, originally uploaded by whitedogscot.

Por Jannet Walsh

Mira mis fotos del Congreso de Alabanza Sanacions y vida en Ocala, Florida, Marzo 21-22 de 2009.

©2009 Jannet Walsh

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crisis Económica - Padre Alberto Linero Gomez

Por Jannet Walsh

Crisis Económica
Padre Alberto Linero Gomez
Ordenado Padres Eudistas
Bogata, Colombia

Marzo 21, 2009
Blessed Trinity Catholic Church
Ocala, Florida
©2009 Jannet Walsh

By Jannet Walsh

About the video
Sorry, but the video interview is in Spanish of the Rev. Alberto Linero Gomez,of Bogata, Colombia. He is a Roman Catholic priest visiting Ocala, Florida for a special "healing congress" at Blessed Trinity Catholic Church, March 21-22, 2009. It turns out that he is a celebrity in homeland on radio and television, from the religious order of Eduista, founded in the 1600s in France. Everyone wanted to have one of his many books autographed, of course! (I did not hound him for this, but had opportunity to practice my Spanish skills to make the video.)

The main message for me in the video of Rev. Linero about the current economic crisis was a chance for opportunity.
"Across from crisis you will find opportunity." - Rev. Alberto Linero Gomez

Also, the current crisis is a like a test of your "personal metal"or character. The fire or furnace, he compared to the current crisis, and the metal, meaning you, will burn away the impurities and make you a better person. I personally hope this proves to be true as the heat in the furnace has been very hot, almost unbearable.

About the photo

The photo posted above the video was taken with the traditional "Hail Mary" method. It's a term used in journalism schools, really. The special method simply means you need a prayer to get the photograph. It is usually employed when you are in a crowd and have no idea if you will be able to capture the photo. You just put the camera above your head and pray you get the photo. I turned the camera on myself and the Rev. Alberto Linero Gomez. Look behind us and you will see others laughing as I am doing this. Learn more about the tiny camera I used to make this photo and the video.

Fotos por Jannet Walsh

©2009 Jannet Walsh

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Live streaming from the New England News Forum

Webcam chat at Ustream

By Jannet Walsh

Take a look at live streaming on USTREAMTV.

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Newsout at Boston University.

USTREAMTV link to streaming video

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Addy 2009, Ocala, Florida

Addy Awards 2009
By Jannet Walsh

I hope you enjoy the photos. I am not so happy with the "red eye" on my tiny camera as it didn't work on all photos. Learn more about the little camera that shoots video and stills. Here is the link to the Greater Ocala Ad Federation.

Chorus of backyard birds

By Jannet Walsh

How is your backyard sounding in the morning? Listen to the chorus of birds around 7 am I have in my backyard. The photo was taken in a friend's backyard. The audio was recorded on a small digital recorder.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Video player from vimeo

Lucy's backyard from Jannet Walsh on Vimeo.
By Jannet Walsh

This is a video I shot a small camera. Learn more!