Wednesday, March 26, 2008

“He and I”

Photo and story by Jannet Walsh, Ocala, Florida
If you are in need of a beauty spa, then you need the book “He and I” for a divine transformation!

The Rev. Marek Pytko, a visiting Roman Catholic priest from Lubin, Poland, in 2006, could be heard spreading the buzz about the book “He and I” by Gabrielle Bossis while members of my parish, Our Lady of Springs Catholic Church, in Ocala, while sipping on coffee and eating donuts after Mass. People were coming up to me telling me to read a book by Bossis for weeks!

Shortly after I started reading “He and I” many people would comment about my appearance and noted how great I looked or had changed and wanted to know the name of boyfriend! When people are sending you non-verbal messages during Mass by pointing to their hair to compliment me, I know there is something special working for me and must share my beauty secrets. I respond to my friends after Mass there was no boyfriend and the only thing that was different was a book I was ready called “He and I” and they needed to read it.

I gave my friends my version of a quote from Bossis’ book from the voice of Christ speaking to her. I now tell my friends, “We are like a walking monstrance.” Here is the real quote, “I am the Host. You are the monstrance. The golden rays are the blessing I give through you,” from page 34.

This thinking is so simple; yet mystical at the same time as it by faith that Catholic Christians believe we are consuming the real presence of Christ, the body and blood of Christ, during communion. It might just be a smile that you give to someone that can transformation their day, week or even life!

Bossis was a wealthy French actress that lived from 1874 to 1950, and wrote what she heard was an interior voice she believed could only be Christ speaking to her. A Franciscan priest knew of her spiritual life and tried to encourage her to a life in a convent, but she resisted to a worldly life. Bossis did not start hearing and her voice from Christ until she was age 62. This is a good example that Christ can call us into action at His time in order to be in service others.

We can help change our surroundings with such easy actions, no special training required, just a smile or look in a special way to help someone is a beautiful gift to give. “Take careful note of what I’m saying: It is not only by words that one can do good. A look can go strait to the soul and touch it,” from page 36.

I suggest you keep this book in your car or by your bedside as you can read a quote or more each day or in a moment that you are struggling with you are busy living your life and need a shot of divine energy. The source of this book will last longer than a strong coffee or espresso!

“I take all sufferings little and big, and place them in the treasury of the Church – the treasury used for the making of saints. . . . Remember that you offered Me everything and that I’ve kept everything,” from page 363. This quote will help you deal with your challenging day and find pleasure you are building the Church in your simple offerings.

“Be not afraid,” one of the more famous quotes of the late Pope John Paul II, the book has the mark or approval, called an imprimatur, meaning the book has been declared free from error in matters of the Roman Catholic Church. You can find this marking usually in the opening pages such as “He and I”, dated 1969.

The curious friends that wanted to know the name of my boyfriend, I really did tell them. I whispered in their ears, “It is Christ.” I had a pack of giggling women around me wanting to read my book!

- My book review was published in 2007 in Solo Flight, a Christian singles newsletter from the Diocese of Orlando. "He and I" ISBN-10: 2890398072
Publisher: Mediaspaul (January 1, 1985)

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